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Water Softening Services

Soft water works by hard water entering the water softener system. As it passes throughout the resin bed inside the tank the hard water minerals are attracted and attach to the resin beads, leaving only softened water to service the home.

When the resin becomes saturated with hard water minerals, the water softener system automatically goes into regeneration. This is the process that frees the resin of hard water minerals, making it ready to soften the water again. Brine water is drawn into the resin tank and rinses the hard water minerals off the resin and down the drain. Once the resin is free of hard water minerals, fresh water rinses the remaining brine water out of the system leaving the system refreshed and ready for service.

Did You Know?

Did you know that water softening systems protect your entire plumbing system, and increase the efficiency of your water heater by almost 30%? This helps to extend the life of your water heater for many years to come!

To learn more about the benefits of installing a water softener in your home, please click the link below:

Water Softeners Protection Value

Cleaner & Healthier Water

If you are tired of hardwater stains and residue on showers, tubs and sinks throughout your home you would benefit from installing a water softener in your home. Hardwater can even make your skin dry and hair unmanageable. A water softening system can also improve the cleanliness and efficiency of your dishwasher and clothes washer, leaving dishes sparkling and clothes brighter and softer. All while using half the amount of cleaning products and detergents you now use. Overall a water softening system can improve water flow and pressure by eliminating calcium buildup in pipes and can extend the life of all water fixtures.

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water treatment and purification installation and repairs

Water Treatment and Purification

Installations & Repairs

Are you looking to treat your water? If you are looking to get an R/O system or Water softener system installed into your home, let our team at AAA Home Services help you! Having a water treatment system if very beneficial for you and your family.

What a water treatment system can do for you:
  • Eliminate even more contaminants giving you purified water at your tap.
  • Be easily installed under your kitchen sink.
  • They can also be installed in the basement, to your ice maker in your refrigerator AND for pet bowls.
  • And they can save you money on buying water bottles and gallons at the grocery store as well as water bottle delivery. PLUS, you will be saving the environment.

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Water Appliance Brands We Carry

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“Roland does a great job. He installed gas logs in our previous home and now we are getting gas logs for our new home."

- Gary B.

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“Mr. Perez and his crew did an excellent job. He was very fair on his charges. His bid came under my budget. I would recommend his company to anyone needing fireplace cleaning or repair."

- Bob J.

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“Roland with AAA Home Services was just here to clean my chimney and dryer vent. This man is a well oiled machine. He doesn't miss a beat and it is obvious he has been doing this a long time. Excellent job Roland.”

- John S.

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“Excellent Service - Mr. Perez sent out Jason and cleaned out our clogged dryer vent and left our laundry room set up and cleaned and also cleaned stuff off our roof. Great Job.”

- Donna R.

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