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Dryer Exhaust Termination Hood

Dryer Vent Cleaning San Antonio

If your dryer termination is covered with a screened vent hood, it may be against building codes. The screens end up being clogged with lint, and even worse, animals are able to break through the brittle plastic to make their homes inside. AAA uses The Defender Dryer Exhaust Termination Hoods for their dryer vent clients. Click on the picture to learn more about this hood.

Lint Alert System

Dryer Vent Cleaning San Antonio

Connected Peace of Mind

Know when your laundry is done. Know your laundry room is safe. Know when to take action to save money and help prevent dryer fires.

Keep Your Dryer Exhaust Safe and Efficient

The LintAlert® enhances your home safety plan by monitoring the dryer exhaust system for problems. As lint naturally builds up over time, LED indicators progressively illuminate to show how efficiently your dryer is operating. When airflow restriction becomes dangerous, an alarm is triggered.

Airflow Restriction Causes Dryer Fires

While it may be obvious that dryer exhaust problems will increase your utility bills, it’s important to know they also create a very real fire hazard. The U.S. Fire Administration reports more than 15,000 dryer fires every year. Today, you can protect your home and family from that threat.

Common Causes of Dangerous Airflow Restriction

Normal Lint Buildup in the Dryer Duct
Kinked or Crushed Dryer Connection Hoses
Blockage of the Dryer Vent Hood

Detects Laundry Room Leaks

As an added bonus, the LintAlert PRO Plus can also detect leaks in the laundry room! Go to the Lint Alert website for more information.