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Chimney Sweeps

What does Chimney Sweeping involve?

This is how AAA approaches a chimney sweeping.

We train our technicians to be nothing but the best. They will go into your home and put a drop cloth down with their tools, and a vacuum. We then use a system called “Snap-lok” to sweep your chimney. This allows us to clean the flue from the damper to the termination (cap). Once complete, we then vacuum all the soot up.

Our technicians utilize Bear Hands Pro (chimney inspection report) to thoroughly inspect your chimney before, during, and after the chimney sweeping. The Level 1 inspection is completed with Bear Hands with a free camera inspection. Once complete this inspection report is then emailed to our customer for review with the technician.

Signs Of A Chimney Fire
  • Loud Cracking Sound or Popping
  • Too Much Dense Smoke
  • An Intense Hot Smell
Most Go Undetected

Slow-burning chimney fires don’t get enough air or have enough fuel to be visible and may go undetected until a chimney inspection. But these high temperatures can damage the chimney itself and create preventable expenses in the future.

Complete Chimney Services

We Provide:

  • Chimney Cleaning
  • Chimney Inspections
  • Chimney Restoration & Repair
  • Prevent A Fire In Your Home

How To Prevent A Fire In Your Home

28% of house fires are due to dirty chimneys

At AAA Home Services, we want to provide our customers with information that can help you learn more about your home appliances, and how to keep your home safe.
To learn about the different ways you can prevent a house fire, click the link below to view articles from the NFPA.

Source: National Fire Protection Association
Did You Know?

Did you know that 28% of house fires are due to dirty chimneys? There are ways to help prevent this from happening to your home if you keep up with your annual chimney cleaning and inspections, to ensure that your chimney is healthy and free from buildup.

To learn more about how you can keep your chimney safe and clean, please click the link below:

Percent of house fires due to dirty chimneys>>>

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An Authorized

Heat Shield Dealer & Installer

AAA Home Services provides maintenance, restoration and repair services for the following:

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Flue Lining

General wear and tear, age, and chimney leaks can cause spalling, flaking flue tiles, cracks, eroded mortar joints, gaps between tiles, and corrosion, rust, and holes (if the liner is metal) — and all of that damage can affect the overall safety and performance.

The lining of the chimney is meant to protect the masonry against the intensely hot temperatures, corrosive gases, and other byproducts produced by fires when using your fire appliances. It’s also meant to provide a smooth, airtight surface that prevents heat from transferring to framing and insulation in nearby walls (which could spark a fire), and that streamlines and speeds up the path for byproducts to exit the chimney. When damage is present, the liner can’t effectively do its job. As a result, you may be at greater risk of house fire and carbon monoxide poisoning, and your heating appliance could be wasteful and damaging to your home.

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Custom Chase Tops

Custom Chase Tops

Chimney caps, chase covers and screens all help to keep the internal structure of your chimney protected from unwanted factors that contribute to damage and other issues in your chimney. It may seem like a decorative topper to your chimney, but the chimney cap is actually one of the most important parts of your entire system. It is the primary piece (other than the crown) that protects your flue from:

  • Moisture
  • Debris
  • And animal entry.

Similarly to adding chase covers and screens – A chimney chase cover is a piece of metal that is used to protect the top of a prefabricated or factory-built chimney. This helps to protect your chimney from water damage and pests. Screens also help to keep out unwanted pests such as squirrels, raccoons, birds, and more.

Chimney Stack Siding Repairs / Replacement

The chimney stack is the visible part of your chimney that emerges from the roof of your home. If you notice that your chimney is in need of the exterior siding to be repaired or replaced, don’t wait! Our team at AAA Home Services can help to prevent further damage from happening to your chimney.

By having the chimney stack siding repaired or replaced, it can help to:

  • Prevent water and other weather damage from entering and impacting the body of the chimney
  • Prevent roof leaks from around your fire appliance.
  • Keeps the structure from deteriorating overtime.
  • And more!

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Chimney Stack Siding Repairs Replacement

Crown Seal

Keeping your chimney crown sealed is another great way to help prevent damage from impacting your chimney’s structure. If there are missing chunks or spider cracks forming in the crown, they will need to be repaired and covered with waterproof sealant to help keep further damage from emerging.

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Direct Vent Gas

Direct Vent gas fireplace can be a beautiful addition to any home. Without the need for wood, gas fireplaces still need to be inspected and maintained to help you and your family enjoy a cozy fire.

To ensure your direct vent gas fireplace is working properly, we will:

  • Make sure that there is no build up on gas line
  • Remove and clean glass and logs.
  • Inspect the vent pipe for air leaks & damage.
  • And clean the outside venting unit.

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We also sell and service Superior Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces. Click the logo below to visit the Superior Fireplaces website to view their products.

Superior Fireplaces
Direct Vent Cleaning Service

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“Roland does a great job. He installed gas logs in our previous home and now we are getting gas logs for our new home."

- Gary B.

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“Mr. Perez and his crew did an excellent job. He was very fair on his charges. His bid came under my budget. I would recommend his company to anyone needing fireplace cleaning or repair."

- Bob J.

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“Roland with AAA Home Services was just here to clean my chimney and dryer vent. This man is a well oiled machine. He doesn't miss a beat and it is obvious he has been doing this a long time. Excellent job Roland.”

- John S.

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“Excellent Service - Mr. Perez sent out Jason and cleaned out our clogged dryer vent and left our laundry room set up and cleaned and also cleaned stuff off our roof. Great Job.”

- Donna R.

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