Chimney Sweeping San Antonio

Firstly, our trained technicians begin by sweeping your chimney by first setting up drop cloth in front of the fireplace and then vacuums for soot control. This keeps soot from coming into your home. Next, he moves on to sweeping the chimney either from the roof or inside of home depending on the access to your chimney. We use a flat wire brush which will scrap the flue pipe removing the soot from flue liner.

We also clean spark arrester. When this has been completed we then go inside and begin cleaning, we target several areas, cleaning the sweep smoke chamber, throat, damper, all three walls clean log lighter if you have one, fireplace screen, glass doors are brushed if you have them. All soot and ashes are removed from the herth. This also includes the Level One Inspection during the course of the Sweeping if there are any concerns or repairs needed, we let you know about it the same day of service.