Lint Alert System San Antonio

Using our washers and dryers is part of everyday living, but did you know there are over 15,000 dryer related fires occurring annually? The reasons for dryer-related fires are frequently overlooked and include:

  • Dryer hose being too restrictive
  • Hose being crushed
  • Clogged termination

Pressure levels found in the dryer duct typically increase over time due to lint build-up or other restriction. Keeping a clean and unobstructed dryer vent improves the safety and efficiency of your dryer, and the best way to do is by using the Lint Alert Dryer Exhaust Safety Alarm. The Lint Alert is an easy-to-install safety device that uses sophisticated differential technology to monitor your dryer's ventilation system. When the pressure reaches unsafe levels, the Lint Alarm will activate it's alarm and warn you that maintenance is required. Before the alarm-state, you can see the progression of fractional build-up on an LED light indicator on the unit with colors ranging from green to red to show varying levels of buildup.

Easy to install, simply:

  1. Remove hose
  2. Puncture hose with pen
  3. Attach SmartTap
  4. Re-attach hose
  5. Plug unit in... Simple as that!


  • Simple to install
  • Alarm sound reaches 15 amps max
  • Built-in night light
  • Energy smart device

Video Presentation