Recommended Dryer Vent Cleaning is every year and can really depend on the size of the household a large family my need it cleaned every year to where as a single couple , a single person my not as nearly need it cleaned as often. Keep in mind that this becoming a Major Problem Causing premature damage to dryer or far worst a Home Fire. So please keep your dryer vents clean, if not from me by someone else, and don't try to clean yourself your tools can get lodge , stuck and only cause a bigger clogged.



AAA Home Services was formerly known as John James Chimney Cleaning . John James is a retired fire fighter from the city of Leon Valley and started John James Chimney Cleaning in 1977. After several wonderful years sweeping out chimneys in San Antonio, he decided to retire.

In 2000 John James sold his business to Roland Perez. John was very confident about his decision in selling his business to Roland. He new how Roland worked because he had worked with him in the past, and was also currently working with another chimney cleaning business in San Antonio.

Roland Perez has been working as a sweep since 1986. With over 24 years of experience Roland has done many chimney cleaning along with many masonry repairs such as: crown replacements and back wall replacements. He also does dryer vent cleaning and air duct cleaning. He has certificate in masonry repairs and building from Arehn's Masonry School in South Dakota, a certificate for air duct cleaning from Roto Brush located in Dallas and a certificate for plumbing, electrical and air conditioning repairs from Alpha and Omega in San Antonio.

Roland Perez does all the work himself and sometimes you will see his son Zechariah or his wife Jennifer helping out. He has five children ranging from 7 to 22 years of age. Yes! Clarissa is 7, Felipe 8, Jaclynn 13, Zechariah 17 and Mallory 22.

Roland will tell you that he loves and enjoys every aspect of his job. The most important thing for Roland and his family is to make sure that all customers feel satisfied. With that said he looks forward to the next 24 years!

AAA Home Services is a member of Better Business Bureau and Angie's list.